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Australia – Police warn motorists to watch for ‘crocodile & Snake crossings’ on roads

Motorists around Townsville in north Queensland have been urged to be on the lookout for crocodiles crossing the road following two near crashes. This past week, a motorist driving her … Continue reading

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Toshiba to Store Solar, Wind Electricity as Hydrogen in UK

Toshiba Corp announced March 18, 2015, that it will generate hydrogen by using solar and wind electricity and store and stably supply it on a trial basis in Scotland, the … Continue reading

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Japan – Justice Court hands out a China appeasing sentence to Chinese skipper for coral poaching case

TOKYO — A Japanese court on Monday slapped a Chinese skipper with a fine and suspended jail term for illegally poaching coral in Tokyo’s territorial waters. It is reportedly the … Continue reading

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Chinese Fake Tesla – that even has a fish tank in the back seat!

The Tesla Model X will be terrific and Google’s autonomous egg car will change the world. But neither can match the awesomeness of China’s GAC WitStar that was introduced this … Continue reading

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This is why Chinese Garments with Fur should NOT be purchased.. [Shocking Video Footage Warning]

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Greenpeace Ignores Tibet’s Nuclear Poisoning

The world’s most high profile environmental organization, with a network of international offices and serious resources at its disposal is investing considerable time, effort, thought and finances into developing its … Continue reading

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Beijing+20 Meeting Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations

Originally posted on tibettruth:
Ms Cai Yiping Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations. Image:ips.org Only within the self-serving, delusional double-think of the United Nations would you witness a former journalist linked…

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